About Us


Based in the greater St. Louis, MO, metro area and servicing all US markets, Jackson Surgical Services, Inc. provides complete consultation services for healthcare professionals, with a focus in infection mitigation technology. We also offer a variety of services and products to enhance patient outcomes and benefit-cost ratio for surgeon private practices, private hospitals, not-for-profit healthcare systems and ASC’s.

Founded in 1999, we began as a small distributorship specializing in extremity, orthopedics, neurosurgery, DME, surgical instrumentation and biological technologies. As Jackson Surgical grew, spinal hardware appropriately became the backbone of the business. Even as we have progressed and redirected our primary focus to infection mitigation, spine remains a market segment which we are still actively trying to improve through value-based products that contribute to our greater mission.

It is our mission to improve healthcare by fighting the rising costs, mitigating infection, the associated loss of life and limb and the burdens imposed on society. As healthcare professionals, it is our ethical and moral obligation to do right by the patient. As business professionals, it is our job to provide economic justification to expedite the end of irresponsible healthcare practices. The anti-infection agenda and financial pressures imposed by private payers and government alike have primed the US market for our success in this endeavor. We strive to Rise Above and make a lasting difference in healthcare, one that will effect positive change in people’s lives.

Today, Jackson Surgical boasts a cutting edge portfolio that will set tomorrow’s standards. Loaded with fully traceable, terminally sterile implants and instruments and infection mitigation devices, we promote best practices at every stage of the perioperative process.