Our Philosophy

The Fray

Healthcare is an eternally evolving industry, full of the latest advancements in science, technology and business practices. It’s this rapid evolution that necessitates the existence of groups like our own to manage products, bring expertise and create tangible solutions.

This model, while not outdated, has worked to its own detriment. The industry has become obsessed with treating its own symptoms instead of its diseases, isolating areas in need of improvement and addressing them individually. These innovations then flood the competitive marketplace as each company follows with their “me-too” product in their signature color.

We aren’t sales reps, but we used to be. As specialists in orthopaedics and spine, we recognize that infections are a far too prevalent surgical outcome, and that more can always be done to prevent them. Dismayed by the industry’s stagnation and focus on commodity products over value-based medicine, we turned our efforts to consultative services, offering our expertise and innovative technologies to forward-thinking, early-adopter facilities.

In recent years, there has been a gradual shift toward value-based products and services. The marketplace is finally demanding novel and cost-effective solutions that have a positive effect on patient outcomes. 

Rise Above

Jackson Surgical is a proponent of this change! Like the legendary phoenix, we have risen from our own ashes for a fresh start. This time we’ve armed ourselves with truly revolutionary medical technologies, business models, concentrating our focus on value-based healthcare and infection mitigation solutions instead of “me-too” implants. We are making a difference, not a sale!

It is our mission to improve healthcare by fighting the rising costs, mitigating infection, the associated loss of life and limb and the burdens imposed on society. As healthcare professionals, it is our ethical and moral obligation to do right by the patient. As business professionals, it is our job to provide economic justification to expedite the end of irresponsible healthcare practices. The anti-infection agenda and financial pressures imposed by private payers and government alike have primed the US market for our success in this endeavor. We strive to Rise Above and make a lasting difference in healthcare, one that will effect positive change in people’s lives.

At Jackson Surgical Services, we pride ourselves on our abilities to reduce hospital operational costs, improve patient safety and streamline O.R. efficiencies. Joining forces with the innovators and key opinion leaders of the future, we are building a network of superior healthcare providers and advancing healthcare facilities. We challenge you to burn the ways of old and Rise Above with us!