Meet The Team!

Rollin A. Jackson

Our youthful sales and marketing specialist acts as managing director, handling most day-to-day business and inquiries. He is our resident expert on our product lines, runs all Jackson Surgical media accounts and personally assists in onboarding and servicing business accounts. For product and service information, questions about our labs or anything else, you can reach him through the following channels:

Cell Phone: (314) 852-4088


Darrell Jackson

Our founder and primary consultant leverages over twenty-five years of industry experience for a comprehensive perspective of the healthcare marketplace. He believes in the move toward value-based healthcare technologies that simultaneously improve patient care and reduce costs.

Darrell maintains an active role in the business, utilizing his vast experience to initiate elevated conversations with administrators and key decision makers within the institutions we serve. He possesses a depth of understanding from various positions in the industry and uses his knowledge to provide cost-effective solutions to the problems plaguing modern healthcare providers.

Between his own experience and the help of enlisted industry friends, Darrell can offer consulting services for all parties involved at the institutions we service. He has expertise in growing business, improving private practices and increasing facility efficiency.

You can reach him personally at:

Cell Phone: (314) 308-4765