Adapting in a Time of Need: Using Operio to Flatten the COVID-19 Curve!

Friends! Just like many other businesses, we are re-evaluating our capabilities to contribute to the fight against the spreading COVID-19. With elective cases significantly reduced and most healthcare facilities limiting traffic to essential persons, we are working through social media platforms to find alternative applications to provide solutions to the current crisis and future challenges.

We have confirmed with the manufacturer that our device, the Operio, can filter the COVID-19 coronavirus once it has been aerosolized and made airborne. We see applications in places such as healthcare facilities, first responder environments, political and other offices that have no choice but to remain operational and allow traffic during the lockdown. For more detail click here.

See the manufacturer’s declaration below:

Should you want to get ahold of us personally to discuss these and other infection mitigation solutions, feel free to reach out via phone or email. You can find both Rollin and Darrell’s contact information here.

Ophthalmologists! Still Performing Emergency Procedures During the COVID-19 Outbreak?

It has been revealed, through discussions between physicians across the globe, that part of the initial outbreak in Wuhan was a result of medical professionals such as dentists and ophthalmologists coming into contact with the novel coronavirus during surgical procedures. If you have to perform surgery, make sure you are protected. Read more in the anecdotal study below and click here to protect yourself with an Operio!

Jackson Surgical Services, Inc. — Rising Above the Fray, Our Mission

We aren’t sales reps, but we used to be. As specialists in orthopaedics and spine, we recognize that infections are a far too prevalent surgical outcome, and that more can always be done to prevent them. Dismayed by the industry’s stagnation and focus on commodity products over value-based medicine, we turned our efforts to consultative services, offering our expertise and innovative technologies to forward-thinking, early-adopter facilities.

As a result of the multiplying challenges in today’s healthcare market, including the prevalence of SSI, there is an ever-increasing need for value-based solutions and quality service. True value-based solutions should grow the bottom line, enhance patient outcomes and benefit those at all stages of the perioperative process.

At Jackson Surgical Services, we pride ourselves on our abilities to reduce hospital operational costs, improve patient safety and streamline O.R. efficiencies with our value-based products and services. We boast a cutting edge portfolio that will set tomorrow’s standards. Loaded with fully traceable, terminally sterile implants and instruments and infection-mitigation devices, we promote best practices at every stage of the perioperative process.

It is our mission to improve healthcare by fighting the rising costs, mitigating infection, the associated loss of life and limb and the burdens imposed on society. As healthcare professionals, it is our ethical and moral obligation to do right by the patient. As business professionals, it is our job to provide economic justification to expedite the end of irresponsible healthcare practices. The anti-infection agenda and financial pressures imposed by private payers and government alike have primed the US market for our success in this endeavor. We strive to Rise Above and make a lasting difference in healthcare, one that will effect positive change in people’s lives.

Rise Above with us; we aren’t making sales calls, we are making a difference. If you and/or your reps would like to Rise Above with us, we encourage you to reach out via our Contact Us page. We look forward to your communication and possible collaboration and thank you in advance for your timely consideration.