Adapting in a Time of Need: Operio for COVID-19

Just as with any other type of airborne or aerosolized contaminant, laminar flow can control the direction of air movement and thereby the exposure risk. The Operio uses horizontal laminar flow, for more precise control over the ambient environment and has the additional benefit of mobility, making it ideal for an evolving situation and temporary healthcare facilities.

Upon prompting the manufacturer, we have confirmed that our ultra-clean airflow device, Operio, can also function as a large volume air filter that effectively removes the airborne and aerosolized COVID-19 coronavirus. See the declaration below:

We see applications in healthcare facilities:

  • Creating a safe working area between healthcare workers and potentially contaminated patients
  • In temporary testing centers and hospitals
  • Maintaining clean air within facilities
  • In Urgent Care facilities
  • In pharmacies, protecting medication as it is bottled for distribution
  • Use as intended during surgical procedures to protect patient and instruments from contamination

In ophthalmology, the Operio’s first intended market:

  • Protecting physicians during emergency procedures that necessitate extended time in close proximity with patients who may carry the virus
  • To protect the eye from contaminants and debris during surgery

In nursing homes and other elderly care facilities:

  • Where personnel who are exposed to the outside world interact with residents
  • Maintaining clean air within facilities
  • Airflow directed where food is prepared

In first responder environments:

  • Maintaining clean air in stations where first responders admit potentially contaminated members of the public
  • Creating a safe working area between police officers and those in custody during booking

In political and other offices that have no choice but to remain operational and allow traffic during the lockdown:

  • Maintaining clean air in environments where critical personnel interact with potentially contaminated members of the public
  • Directing clean airflow over desks and other surfaces that need protection

We are the anti-infection specialists. We have been preaching about the cleanest practices in healthcare long before the pandemic and are proud to continue our mission in this dire time. Please contact us if you know of other applications so that we can seize every opportunity to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 for a sooner return to our normal lives eliminating surgical site infections!

Should you want to get ahold of us personally to discuss the Operio, please reach out! You can find both Rollin and Darrell’s contact information here.