Operio And SteriStay

Horizontal Laminar Flow: The Invisible Sterile Drape

“Everything which has come into contact with the wound has been made sterile, except the air, which is in contact with everything.”

-Whyte, 1973

The air is the missing piece in the infection mitigation equation! What if you had clean air zone units that utilize proven HEPA filtration and a horizontally directed laminar flow to mitigate the contamination threat from the surrounding air, ensuring that your sterile implants, instruments and surgical site remain sterile throughout the entirety of each procedure?

Airborne contaminants are ever-present in all spaces, even operating rooms. So, how sterile are those instruments and implants by the time they’re used?

Great efforts are made to create a sterile environment for surgery, from hardware preparation to surgical attire. Instruments, implants and equipment are all sterilized; the patient is cleaned and shielded from OR staff by protective gloves, gowns, masks and headwear. Then, all sterile surfaces and the open wound are exposed to a dirty ambient environment filled with airborne contaminants. Particles large enough to carry colony forming units fall off of staff, swirl in when doors open, fall from ceiling-mounted equipment. These contaminants can then make their way into the wound directly, or, worse yet, can situate themselves on implants to create deep, painful infections.

The Operio creates an invisible sterile air curtain using horizontal laminar flow. Instruments and implants opened and left in the airflow will remain sterile.

Operio and Steristay create an invisible sterile drape, or sterile air curtain, to protect a space from airborne contaminants. The devices run continuously once started, so they can be used to protect instruments and implants from the time they are unwrapped during room opening. The continuous airflow on your back table will ensure that surgical hardware is just as sterile entering the wound as it was entering the room.

Instruments and implants aren’t the only susceptible places in the OR; Operio can also be rolled up to protect the surgical site and/or equipped with its own mayo.

Protection with Operio and SteriStay extends beyond the back table. The Operio is a mobile unit with a removable mayo, so hardware can be continuously protected throughout the OR. With or without the mayo equipped, the unit can also be rolled into place with the airflow directed over the surgical site to protect the wound itself.

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