The Zero-Touch, Zero-Stress Fusion System

Neo aims at transforming the current approach to spinal surgery by providing a unique answer to the worldwide strive for healthcare cost optimization through efficient, versatile and high quality systems.

Our friends at Neo have developed a truly innovative fusion system that aligns perfectly with our own values. They have integrated the entire perioperative process into their design to produce a premium technology with less environmental impact than traditional systems, significant cost savings for hospitals and reduced infection risk potential for patients.

Their system is the first of its kind in spine, featuring:

  • ZERO-TOUCH implants for reduced infection potential
  • SINGLE-TOUCH instruments to guarantee optimum performance every time
  • ZERO-STRESS technique to mitigate ASD and streamline procedures

This intraoperatively flexible system can be used for both open surgery and MIS procedures, and without any need for processing before, after and even between procedures thanks to the system’s sterile packaging and unique delivery system. With a minimal footprint, this system can even be stored on-site to eliminate logistical complications and ensure a regular surgery schedule at hospitals and especially at ASC’s.

Neo’s remarkably unique delivery and perplexingly simple technique make them a formidable alternative to traditional systems. They’ve cut out the unnecessary instruments and excessive forces they exert. Naturally, time and cost savings have accompanied the system’s implementation. Read up on these benefits by clicking the link below:

Contact us to schedule an initial conversation or visit their website to learn more.

*Cement pusher not yet available in the U.S.